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Oct 15, 2019 New study debunks myth that only children are more narcissistic than kids with siblings

The stereotype for only children is that they are selfish, or more self-centered than those with siblings.


Sep 24, 2019 As an Act of Self-disclosure, Workplace Creativity Can Be Risky Business

by Phil Ciciora

It’s increasingly common for managers to direct employees to “be creative” during office brainstorming sessions. But should employees acquiesce to that managerial edict?


Character and Context Blog

Oct 17, 2019 Having Essentialist Beliefs Predicts People’s Attitudes about Social Groups

by Jacqueline Chen and Kate Ratliff

Is the belief that most people have strong character traits linked to higher prejudice? Yes, but the prejudice may sometimes be positive rather than negative.


Oct 16, 2019 Good Reads: The Social Leap

by Brett Pelham

Bill von Hippel’s clever and provocative book, The Social Leap, will tell you how we came to be human – and how you can become happier, healthier, and a little more humane.


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